Infant, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Research Seminar – 2021

If you have enquiries about any of the talks below, contact coordinator Dr. Suzanne Stevens | Department of Psychological Medicine |

Recap 2021 seminars:
17-Mar | Game for Health

Game for Health: addressing the psychological needs of children and adolescents with long-term physical conditions.

Dr Hiran Thabrew

31-Mar | Methamphetamine use in pregnancy and child development

Methamphetamine use in pregnancy and child development: Longitudinal follow-up in adolescence & plans for mHealth intervention to prevent substance use in pregnancy.

Professor Trecia Wouldes & Suzanne Stevens

14-Apr | Implementing digital tools to support adolescent mental health

Implementing digital tools to support adolescent mental health HABITs and Aroha projects.

Dr. Sarah Hopkins & Associate Professor Sarah Hetrick.

28-Apr | Evaluating digital interventions for parents

Evaluating digital interventions for parents.

Dr. Marthinus Bekker

26-May | Seven ways in COVID days

Seven ways in Covid days: app innovations for young people to support wellbeing (Whitu – focus on pandemic) and communication (Village – focus on self-harm and suicidal ideation).

Dr Hiran Thabrew & Dr Anna Serlachius

9-Jun | Designing and evaluating mental health apps (Room 507-G007)

Do as I say, not as I do… Designing & evaluating mental health apps.

Dr. Karolina Stasiak

23-Jun | Developmental health difficulties

Developmental health difficulties at 4.5 years from Growing Up in NZ study

Dr Jin Russell (ADHB)

The effect of a needs assessment tool on the hospital admission experience of children and young people with developmental disabilities, communication difficulties and challenging behaviours.

Dr Lizzy Keeling

28-Jul | Professor Sally Merry - research career (Manaakitia Room 503-019)

An overview of my research career: “If we knew what we were doing, it would not be called research”

Professor Sally Merry

25-Aug | Youth-19 survey (Room 507-G100)

Youth-19 survey: Responding to the worsening mental health of our rangatahi

Terry Fleming & Lovely Dizon (Victoria University of Wellington)

8-Sep | Student Presentations
  1. Social media influencers & young people’s mental health (Emily Adeane)
  2. Young Asian New Zealanders and digital mental health support (Gloria Kim)
  3. Social media cleanse: Effects on mental health (Charlie Whitfield)


22-Sep | Co-producing systematic reviews with youth (Room 507-2056)

Youth engagement framework for co-producing systematic reviews.

Vartika Sharma & Sarah Hetrick

6-Oct | Student Presentations (Room 507-G100)
  1. IDEAL study: Inhibitory control in adolescents exposed prenatally to methamphetamine (Natalia Burakevych)
  2. Mental health professional’s views on digital tools (Catherine Rawsley)
  3. Pacific adolescents’ mental wellbeing and co-design of a digital intervention (Kalolaine Finaulahi)
20-Oct | Using the IDI for CAMH mental health research (Room 507-2056)

Using the IDI (Integrated Data Infrastructure) for CAMH mental health research

Lisa Underwood

3-Nov | Student Presentations
  1. An App to support the delivery of focused acceptance and committment therapy (Vin Allen, PhD PYR)
  2. Acceptability of the Tune In app for Asian New Zealanders (Naomi Inoue-Rajapaksa)
17-Nov | Researching self-harm & suicide prevention in Aotearoa

Researching self harm & suicide prevention in Aotearoa

Sarah Fortune